Graduate School, master of Science in Nursing

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Five Graduate positions are available in 2015, with eligibility open to local and international students.
Graduation requirement: More than 30 credits and Thesis requires


1.Recommendation Letter Form
2.Master of Science in Nursing Call for Applicants
3.Master’s Program in Nursing
4.Master’s Program in Nursing Science Application Form


Location of Saku University:

The university is located in Nagano Prefecture, a place renowned for its rich nature, snowy mountains, and the long life of its residents. But for all its bucolic charm, campus is only 1.5 hours from Tokyo by bullet train, making it possible for students and researchers to stay is close contact with metropolitan centers of learning and clinical care.

Admissions Office:

2384 Iwamurada, Saku City Nagano Prefecture 385-0022 japan
Tel: +81-267-68-6680 Fax: +81-267-68-6687